7:30 AM Reveille
7:55 AM Colors-raising the flag and Pledge of Allegiance
8:00 AM Breakfast, singing in the dining hall, and announcements
9:00 AM Camp duties
9:30 AM First period of morning program
10:10 AM Second period of morning program
10:50 AM Third period of morning program
11:30 AM Cabin time-all campers and staff meet in the cabin
12:00 PM Lunch and announcements
1:00 PM Junior camper rest hour
2:00 PM First period of afternoon program
3:00 PM Second period of afternoon program, plus snack offered in the dining hall
4:00 PM Free swim
5:00 PM Cabin clean-up
5:50 PM Colors-lowering the flag
6:00 PM Dinner, singing in the dining hall, and announcements
7:30 PM Evening program
9:15 PM Taps