Special Activities

Some of these special events change each summer, but here are a few examples for the types themed events we organize!

Fourth of July – A day of patriotic fun and a cookout for the whole camp. Local people and other camps come to see our epic fireworks show!

Harry Potter Day – What house will you be sorted to? How many points will you win for your house! Play Quidditch and get mail from an owl on Harry Potter Day

Hunger Games Day – On Hunger Games Day, everyone is a target. Who will be the last person standing at the end of this day-long game of Assassins!

Escape Room – Follow the clues and escape the room before the time runs out!

International Night – Get ready for a whole evening of special food and activities in this special festive night. Last summer, we had a pork roast, a luau, and a Mediterranean feast in our dining hall, turned Bedouin Tent. What will Casey cook up next?

Glee/Billings Got Talent – Do you love to sing? Do you like to perform in a group? Show your skills each night!

The Musical – One huge musical production takes over 3rd session. You can be a cast member or a stage crew member. Or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Each summer, it’s a different production. Recent titles include: The Little Mermaid, Legally Blonde, The Lion King, High School Musical, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Grease, and Shrek.  Click here to learn more!

Country Fair – For 3 full days in 4th session, the campers are divided into 8 teams who will compete for the glory of winning Country Fair. A theme determines the team names. Competitions vary from swim meets to rock/paper/scissors tournaments. All types of skills are needed to win this coveted title! Click here for the Country Fair Hall of Fame

Halloween – Spooky haunted trails, scary stories, and lots of candy rule the night on Halloween Night