This is the Best Place on Earth

Since 1906, Camp Billings has provided a unique camping experience for boys and girls that is safe, healthy, nurturing, and fun. On the shores of beautiful Lake Fairlee in Central Vermont, our campers, some of whom are second, third and fourth generation to Billings find an oasis from their hectic lives during the school year. Billings becomes their home away from home.

We provide this for each and every child beginning from the moment their family drives through our white gates. They are greeted warmly by an experienced and enthusiastic staff, old friends, and new ones who cannot wait to meet them! Billings is a place where everyone is accepted and valued for exactly who they are. You don’t have to be the greatest athlete, the most talented artist or the outgoing, natural leader to thrive at Camp Billings. We are a place where children participate in the programs and activities they enjoy most, develop new skills, and most of all…..have fun!

What Makes Camp Billings Unique?

  • An environment where 170 boys and girls, ages 8-15, are accepted, encouraged and celebrated for those qualities that make them unique and special.
  • An experienced and well-trained staff, most of whom are former Billings campers, and average over 5 years of experience on staff.
  • An enthusiasm, passion and spirit you can hear from across the lake. Camp can be loud and proud. It’s camp, and we want everyone to have fun.
  • Other than a daily swim lesson (mandatory since we are surrounded by water), the freedom to choose your activities every morning and afternoon.
  • A technology-free environment. No lap tops, cell phones, Ipads, or video games. Go out and play. And write a letter home.
  • Give us two weeks and we will send home a child who is more self-reliant, confident and happy with their experience. 92% of our campers return each summer; we hope yours will join the best-kept secret in the industry!
  • Camp Billings maintains its commitment by operating as a non-profit corporation with specific resources provided to families and children in financial need. These children are supported by Billings Scholarships and Endowment Funds earmarked for children in need by contributing alumni, family, employees and friends of Camp.
  • During our 100th year in 2006, Billings was honored to be included in the National and State Register of Historic Places. This ensures we will preserve the character, look and feel of our campus all while providing outstanding recreation facilities.
  • We are accredited by the American Camp Association. You can view our current accreditation certificate.