Campers Love our Fun and Caring Staff

Camp Billings’ staff is made up of college students and young professionals, including many teachers, almost all of whom grew up at camp and came through our training program.

We are part of the American Camping Association so our counselors have the appropriate certifications in their particular program:

  • CPR certified counselors
  • Red Cross certified lifeguards
  • USA Archery certification for our Archery counselors
  • High Five Ropes qualifications for our ropes counselors

In addition, we host our own week of training the week before camp begins where we focus on safety and responsibility. Our staff receive ongoing training that helps them manage camper interactions to prevent homesickness or bullying, and foster cabin bonding.

When you send your child to our camp, you can rest assured that he or she will be well cared for by a staff that knows how precious your child truly is.

Every year during pre-camp orientation, the staff put together a video to welcome the campers as they arrive on opening day…. here is our 2017 creation!