3 Full Days of Epic Fun!

Commonly known as “color wars,” this epic competition is part of a great tradition among summer camps across the United States. Campers who come Session 4 spend days trying to figure out what the theme will be, which staff members will be captains, which teams they’ll be on, and most excitingly – what the break will be! Each year Country Fair begins with an elaborate surprise announcement. In the past, we have had a rock concert at 7am, a hot air balloon set off from camp, and even an enormous, fire-breathing dragon!

Country Fair provides opportunities for campers to build deep and meaningful bonds with different campers of all ages as they work as a team, learning about sportsmanship, creativity, and team spirit.

Hall of Fame

Winning Teams, Themes, and Captains

2017 – The Little Engine That Could – Children’s Stories 

(Captain: Elyse Lindhal; Lieutenant: Nick Coppolo)

2016 – Count Chocula – Breakfast of Champions 

(Captain: Elyse Lindhal; Lieutenant: Will Pasley)

2015 – The Beatles – Camp of Rock 

(Captain: Parker Densmore; Lieutenant: Frances Corridan)

2014 – Oompa Loompas – Mystical Creatures 

(Captain: Madison Heimert; Lieutenant: Jake Rosen)

2013 – Harry Potter – Billings Goes to Hollywood 

(Captain: Reeves Hart; Lieutenant: Ellie Masson)

2012 – Hurricanes – Natural Disasters 

(Captain: Jordan Richmond; Lieutenant: Ellen Manby)

2011 – Mummies – Camp of the Living Dead

 (Captain: Elise Bragard; Lieutenant: Jamie Pierson)

2010 – Little People, Big World – Reality TV Shows 

(Captain: Chris Richards; Lieutenant: Kate Ellicott)

2009 – Drunken Sailors  – The Billings Songbook 

(Captain: Ben Richmond; Lieutenant: Corby Ferlesch)

2008 – Prima Ballerinas  – Billings Arts Camp 

(Captain: Michelle Pinter-Petrillo; Lieutenant: Ben Richmond)