3 Full Days of Epic Fun!

Commonly known as “color wars,” this epic competition is part of a great tradition among summer camps across the United States. Campers who come Session 4 spend days trying to figure out what the theme will be, which staff members will be captains, which teams they’ll be on, and most excitingly – what the break will be! Each year Country Fair begins with an elaborate surprise announcement. In the past, we have had a rock concert at 7am, a hot air balloon set off from camp, and even an enormous, fire-breathing dragon!

Country Fair provides opportunities for campers to build deep and meaningful bonds with different campers of all ages as they work as a team, learning about sportsmanship, creativity, and team spirit.

Country Fair lets all kids shine, whether it’s playing the lead in the team’s skit, using their artistic skills on their team’s banner, running or swimming in a relay, creating songs and cheers for the team to chant, completing a puzzle, throwing a frisbee, making a great pass in soccer, or dancing the disco or salsa in the dance competition.

Hall of Fame

Winning Teams, Themes, and Captains

2022: Water Flowers – Camp Duties

(Captain: Owen Kahn)

2021: Monopoly – Board Games

(Captain: Bella Beg)

2019 – Salt – Food

(Captain: Daniel Schwartz)

2018 – Minecraft – Video Games

(Captain: Josh Ryan; Lieutenant: Meredith Hespe)

2017 – The Little Engine That Could – Children’s Stories 

(Captain: Elyse Lindhal; Lieutenant: Nick Coppolo)

2016 – Count Chocula – Breakfast of Champions 

(Captain: Elyse Lindhal; Lieutenant: Will Pasley)

2015 – The Beatles – Camp of Rock 

(Captain: Parker Densmore; Lieutenant: Frances Corridan)

2014 – Oompa Loompas – Mystical Creatures 

(Captain: Madison Heimert; Lieutenant: Jake Rosen)

2013 – Harry Potter – Billings Goes to Hollywood 

(Captain: Reeves Hart; Lieutenant: Ellie Masson)

2012 – Hurricanes – Natural Disasters 

(Captain: Jordan Richmond; Lieutenant: Ellen Manby)

2011 – Mummies – Camp of the Living Dead

 (Captain: Elise Bragard; Lieutenant: Jamie Pierson)

2010 – Little People, Big World – Reality TV Shows 

(Captain: Chris Richards; Lieutenant: Kate Ellicott)

2009 – Drunken Sailors  – The Billings Songbook 

(Captain: Ben Richmond; Lieutenant: Corby Ferlesch)

2008 – Prima Ballerinas  – Billings Arts Camp 

(Captain: Michelle Pinter-Petrillo; Lieutenant: Ben Richmond)