Campers love the food at Camp Billings!

We offer a wide range of foods throughout the session, so there is always something for everyone.

  • Campers eat with their cabin-mates and counselors, and all meals are served family-style in our historic dining hall.
  • Breakfast always includes a hot item like pancakes or eggs, as well as cereal, fruit, and juice.
  • Lunch is a great time to connect with friends over grilled cheese sandwiches, broccoli chicken Alfredo or tacos. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we also offer a massive all-you-can-eat salad bar!
  • Dinners are the best at Billings. Everything is home-made from chicken parm and meatloaf, to stuffed peppers and a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner!
  • Individual peanut butter packets are available at every meal for kids to grab from the kitchen.
  • We partner with our good friends Tim, Janet and Phil at Crossroad Farm just down the street. As soon as they have produce available we put it on our menu: lettuce, peas, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet corn, to name a few! We also buy all our beef from Robie Family Farms in Piermont, NH.
  • And camp wouldn’t be camp without a few special treats: corn dogs, cinnamon buns, bug juice and pizza cookies are some of the things we sprinkle in throughout the session.
  •  A vegetarian option is the ONLY special dietary request we can accommodate; our kitchen is small and our resources are limited, so, unfortunately we cannot accommodate campers with significant dietary concerns. Please contact us before registering your child if you are unsure about whether this concerns your family.
  • The Camp Billings kitchen follows the highest standard of safety and sanitation and meets all nationally recognized safety standards indicated by the American Camp Association (ACA). Our facilities are also inspected annually by the State of Vermont.

Fun in the Dining Hall

Campers and their counselors spend time together in the dining hall and get to know each other as they share highlights from the day. After breakfast and Dinner, a few of our staff lead the campers to sing songs from our Official Songbook.

Of course, each session of each year is unique and our group of campers as a whole is especially skilled at coming up with spontaneous cheers and “unofficial” songs. Like the Form The Banana song and cheer, for example, or like the time the whole camp used their forks, cups and plates to make an awesome beat. The boys started a catchy rhythm by banging on the tables, and then other campers joined in with their spoons and cups for the accompaniments. It was a spontaneous moment that took hold of the entire dining hall. Even the director’s table joined in. And it could only have happened because of our philosophy that campers’ spirits need to be celebrated.