What to Expect on Your Arrival Day

On registration Sundays, campers may arrive as of 10:00 am and registration will end at 1:30 pm. There is a rolling buffet lunch served in the dining hall from noon to 1:30 pm. Parents are welcome to stay for lunch, but we ask that all parents and guardians leave by 1:30 pm.

Pickup Service:
We are able to pick up your camper at the Lebanon Airport in West Lebanon, the Dartmouth Coach bus station in Hanover or the Vermont Translines bus station in White River Junction. Your camper’s spending account will be charged 40$ for each one-way trip. You may request a pick up at anytime by email to the the office. A minimum of 72 hours notice is required if you plan on using our pick up service.

Camper Accounts:
We no longer collect deposits for camper accounts!
Instead, we will bill each family upon your departure. Please be sure to check-out from the office to collect your camper’s leaving envelope and pay their bill!
Camper will incur a bill at the Camp Store, for camp photos, and for laundry if they are staying more than one session. We accept cash or checks only. All payments must be in US funds.

See ‘Life at Camp’ for more details!

Lice Check:
We highly recommend that campers get thoroughly checked at home or by a school nurse or physician before they come to camp.
Once you have checked in with the office staff, campers will head over to get a lice check. Campers may only enter their cabin after they have cleared the lice check. If a camper is found to have lice, we ask that parents take the campers home to treat and re-wash all clothes and bedding. We hope you understand how important this is to maintain a lice-free camp!

Visiting Policy:
We believe that camp should be an independent, immersive experience away from home for campers to grow and have fun. We find that visits during this time are disruptive to the camp philosophy. For that reason, visits are not permitted while camp is in session.

Parents are welcome to visit campers who are staying more than one session on changeover days only (the Saturday campers leave and the Sunday new campers arrive). Parents wishing to take their children out of camp during these two days may do so after informing the office and the child’s counselors. Parents may not take other campers out of camp unless we have written permission from that child’s guardian.

We strongly prefer that alumni who are parents of current campers allow their children to enjoy camp independently, and only visit during changeover days.

Leaving camp:
It is the policy of the camp that NO camper shall leave the camp property except for an emergency or to participate in an organized camp trip. If anyone, other than you, needs to transport your child, we must have written permission.

Departure at the end of all sessions is Saturday between 1:00 and 3:00 pm.
Please be sure to look around carefully for your camper’s belongings. Due to our limited space and resources, we do not hold on to lost and found items for more than 24 hours before we donate them to a local charity.