Thank you for your interest in Camp Billings. As Summer 2023 winds down we are happy to announce the dates for Summer 2024.

2024 Dates 

Session 1:  June 23 – July 6. 

Session 2:  July 7 – July 20. 

Session 3:  July 21 – Aug 3. 

Session 4:  Aug 4 – Aug 17. 

Families with campers from 2023 can expect to receive an email from our registrar with information about the registration process and rates for 2024 as that information becomes available, usually in November.  All relevant information will also be posted here in November.  Prospective new families who are interested in receiving an email can ask to be added to the new family email list by making an inquiry with our Registrar.
Our registration process is done online and will open in the first week of December 2023 for families seeking to register their child for 2024.  Campers who will have completed grade 2-completed grade 9 are eligible to be a camper.


Payments and Refund Policy

Deposit.  There is a $500 non-refundable deposit per camper/per session.  We have two methods for paying the deposit: online with a credit card at the time of registration or mailing a physical check to the Registrar to be received within 2 weeks of confirmation. Families that pay the deposit online are given a 2-week grace period for canceling a camper’s registration via email to the Registrar.  In these situations, the registration can be canceled, and the $500 deposit refunded to the credit card.  Families that choose to pay with a physical check must send the check to the Registrar with enough time to arrive within 2 weeks of confirmation of registration.  At the conclusion of the 2-week grace period after a camper is confirmed, all paid deposits are non-refundable.   

Full Tuition.  Full tuition is due by April 30, 2023.  Campers who register after April 30 are expected to pay for the full tuition within 2 weeks of registration either by online credit card or a mailed physical check.  

It may be necessary for a parent to cancel a camper’s registration after full tuition has been paid.  If cancellation is due to a serious illness or injury that prevents participation in camp activities, Camp Billings will refund the paid tuition minus the $500 deposit provided that a Doctor’s note certifying the illness or injury is submitted in writing.  Any cancellations for other reasons are not subject to refunds.

2023 COVID Plans

Camp Billings’ COVID Policy is driven by the US CDC’s recommendations and guidelines.  As of December 1st, 2022, Camp Billings is not requiring COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend Camp Billings.  Additionally, Camp Billings is not planning to require a COVID-19 test prior to or upon arrival at Camp.  Should any changes to the CDC Guidelines directly impact the COVID Policy, Camp Billings will communicate the updated rules to all enrolled families.  

In addition to all of our regular daily activities and evening programs, each session has its own super awesome special events.  Visit Activities Page

Session 1 is when we celebrate the 4th of July with a ton of Red White and Blue! We have an all-camp Color Wars, a cookout, and epic fireworks at night. Many of the Lake’s residents love to come over on their canoes, and watch the show from their boats! Do you love dancing, singing, or lip-sync competitions? Session 1 hosts Battle of the Bands, where cabins compete with musical performances! 

Session 2 is when we do the Glee, Billings Idol, The Voice, or Billings Got Talent competition. Costumes and eccentric clothes are always appreciated. And we have International Night! Plan to dress up in your best outfit for this feast.

Session 3 is when we put on the Musical! What will it be this summer?!

Session 4 is when we have Country Fair. You will want to bring a t-shirt of every color, good sneakers, multiple athletic shorts, and socks, and be prepared to play in the rain (as long as there is no thunder and lighting.) Session 4 also hosts Halloween and our Final Campfire, where campers can perform skits and songs on the last evening of the summer.


Camp Billings and its staff are neither trained nor equipped to support children with extensive physical, emotional, or educational needs. In order to provide the best possible experience for your child and for all the other members of our camp family, we require that all special considerations be brought to the attention of, and discussed with, our Camp Director prior to a child registering for a camp session.