What should you bring to camp? 


o Shorts and T-shirts
o Sweatshirts and sweaters
o Jeans and long warm pants
o Warm pajamas
o 2 bathing suits (or more)
o 2 -3 towels
o Socks and underwear for 13 days
o Raincoat
o Flip flops
o Running shoes
o Rain boots (optional)
o Hiking boots (optional for trips)

Essential items:

o Bedding – a warm sleeping bag, base sheet for a cot, extra blankets, pillow
**If bedwetting is potential for your child, please pack an extra set of bedding. Our nursing staff will wash all soiled linen on the same day. And please indicate this on your health forms.

o Flashlight
o Water bottle
o Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap
o Toothbrush/toothpaste
o A caddy/pail to carry everything to the showers
o Pads/tampons
o Sunscreen SPF 30 or above
o Bug spray
o Chapstick
o Tissues
o Stationary, stamps, pens, envelopes. (Stamps can also be purchased in the camp office and will be charged to the camper’s account.)

Optional items:
o Fishing pole
o Tennis racket
o Baseball glove
o Lacrosse stick
o Guitar
o Day pack

Packing for Special Events

Certain events are always the same at camp, but one can never really know what silly antics might ensue! Campers have been known to bring these types of items to camp:

o Dressy clothes like dresses and suit jackets and ties
o Silly costumes, wigs, tutus, silly leggings, etc.
o A t-shirt in each color of the rainbow plus black and white (for team games)

Session 1 is when we celebrate the 4th of July with a ton of Red White and Blue! We have epic fireworks at night. Some campers like to have earplugs for that.

Session 2 is when we have a Gala style evening and campers love to dress up for this fun night! We also have a talent-show-style competition for the campers to show off their mad skills! 

Session 3 is when we put on the Musical! What will it be this summer?! And who will be the Lead?

Session 4 is when we have Country Fair. You will want to bring a t-shirt of every color (if you can), good sneakers, multiple athletic shorts, and socks, and be prepared to have to play in the rain (as long as there is no thunder and lighting)

What do we put it in?

Most campers pack everything in a trunk/footlocker. Standard trunk size is 30×15.75×12.25 and can be purchased on Amazon or at Target. Variations are available at K-mart, Walmart, and other one-stop shops. Many campers bring additional storage in the form of plastic drawers. Please keep in mind our extremely limited space. trunks are not required, but they are the best option.

Make sure to label EVERYTHING! Our resources and space are limited and we simply cannot store lost and found items for more than 24 hours. If items remain unclaimed after this time period, we donate everything to local charities. A new group of campers arrives the next day and the cycle begins again.

Items are brought to camp at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods. Parents/guardians should be selective in what they allow their kids to bring to camp.

What not to bring to camp!!!

Knives, firearms, bicycles, and skateboards are not allowed at camp. If a camper has or uses any tobacco, drugs, or alcohol, he or she will be sent home immediately.

The camp menu is varied and ample enough to serve all our needs, so we do not allow food to be stored in the camper’s cabins. We must strictly enforce this rule. Food stored in the cabin can create a big problem with animals – chipmunks, skunks, raccoons — which carry rabies. Please do not send food packages. All food packages will sadly be thrown away.

Camp Billings is technology-free!
No portable electronic devices of any kind are allowed at camp. This includes computers, cell phones, portable games, iPads, iPods, or similar MP3 players. Any of these items brought to camp will be collected and kept in the camp office for the duration of the camper’s stay. Camp Billings will not be responsible for any valuables that are lost or stolen. Please leave all valuables and electronics at home.

Other considerations

Trunk and luggage by mail:
United Parcel Service handles the delivery of trunks and luggage. Please bring return shipping labels with you at drop off and arrange to have UPS pick up the trunk on the Saturday of departure. Our UPS address is: Camp Billings, 1452 VT-244, Fairlee, VT 05045.