While Your Child Is At Camp

Cabin assignments:
All cabin assignments are made by age and grade level. We encourage campers to attend without concern for hometown friends. We find that being in a cabin with friends from home can sometimes strain relationships, prevent other cabin friendships from forming easily and undermine a camper’s ability to learn to live and get along well with new people. One of the greatest benefits of overnight camp is making new friends from different places. Encourage this openness and flexibility to ensure your camper’s healthy adjustment and great camp experience.
Cabin requests are not routinely accepted at Camp Billings. Only first-time campers may request a bunkmate, and the request must be mutual. Bunkmate requests for returning campers are not considered. Requests are not guaranteed, but we will do everything we can to honor your requests. Cabin placements are carefully and thoughtfully made to create cabins that consider the welfare of both the individual as well as the entire cabin group. Parents’ support of their child’s cabin placement is directly related to their camper’s positive adjustment to camp. Cabin assignments will not be changed on registration day.

Camp and Cabin Duties:
The cabin counselor assigns each camper a daily cabin duty (sweeping, table waiter, etc…) in addition to taking care of their personal belongs. The cabin is also assigned a daily camp duty (watering flowers, setting tables, campus litter, etc…) This helps the campers to learn to do things for themselves as well as others, which is at the heart of our philosophy. Service to others has been a part of the Camp Billings “tradition” since its beginning. “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”

Camp Photos:
Session 1 and 3 are the Photo Sessions. A professional photographer takes a group picture of the whole camp as well as each individual cabin group. Your camper will have the opportunity to order a copy of any photo they wish to have on the same day. This is the only opportunity to order photos. All orders are placed at once. Campers will receive their orders upon departure at the end of their stay.

Camp Store:
Campers will have the opportunity to visit the camp store twice during each session. They will be able to buy all kinds of camp paraphernalia, and some candy and/or soda as well. The camp store does not carry pharmaceuticals. If a camper has needs for things like shampoo or a new tooth brush, they can visit the nurse and procure it there at no charge.

Packages and mail:
Food in packages for campers is not allowed. Food from packages will be confiscated and thrown away. Please do not send food or candy in packages.

We request that packages be limited to one per week.
Our office space is very limited. Furthermore, we have found that one package per week is just right to make campers feel loved. Send lots and lots of letters! Kids love mail!
All mail can be addressed to:

Camp Billings
c/o Camper Name (Cabin #) 
1452 VT-244, Fairlee
VT 05045-9620

Please note that this address is for the summer only

Phone calls:
While at camp, your camper will be reachable by mail only. Phone calls are reserved for campers who are at camp on their birthday. If a camper stays longer than 2 weeks, and parents or guardians are unable to come visit, the office can schedule a phone call. To do so, please contact the office.

Laundry service is available for campers who stay 4 weeks or more. A laundry service come between sessions. There is a charge and it will be taken out of the campers spending account. Consider that campers often get wet or dirty while playing at camp and they will need lots of extras. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING. We are not responsible for any lost clothing.