"Can I just say, 'Wow!'" overheard on Girl's Senior Row, summer 2013

While maintaining a tuition rate among the lowest for overnight camps in America, Camp Billings continues to renovate its facilities to provide a modern, safe, and comfortable stay for the 170 co-ed campers that join us for each two-week session. On this page are some of the major changes that we have undertaken recently.

Girls' Senior Row

Welcome to the new Girls' Senior Row. Starting in the summer of 2013, four major changes brought the row for our older girl campers a new look. Above, you can see the new lawn that greets our older girls each morning. In the back, Cabin 1 has a beautiful new porch that now faces the lake. Cabin 1A, the replacement for Tent 1A, is to the right of Cabin 1.


AnnieX sits next to Cabin 4, located next to the lower courts on Girls' Senior Row. With a porch and a beautiful garden, AnnieX is a tribute to our beloved Anne Freitas, former director, board member, waterfront director, counselor, and camper.

Cabin 1A

Tucked between Cabin 1 and Cabin 2, Cabin 1A is a welcome addition to the family of cabins for our oldest girls.

Cabin 1

The entrance and porch to Cabin 1 were turned toward the lake in 2013, allowing our oldest girls to wake to a georgeous view of Lake Fairlee every morning and matching the distinct setting of our oldest boys cabin, Cabin 15, with its unique porch and setting on the lake.

Girls' Senior Row Lawn

Starting in the summer of 2013, our oldest girls can now enjoy a spacious grass lawn right on the waterfront. With the removal of our two tents on Girls' Senior Row, the lawn was renovated and all car traffic eliminated.

With plenty of flat open space, cabin groups are able to work on their skits and rehearse their dance routines right next to the beautiful Lake Fairlee.

Uncle Ralph's Craft Shop

Built by alum Ben Cheney and supported by our donors and the estate of Ralph Lawrence, beloved former director, the craft shop went from one building to two buildings connected by an open-air porch in the summer of 2013.

All of the lumber used for the project was rough-hewn Vermont timber.

Projects can now be found displayed from the rafters on the porch while tye-dyed shirts, long a popular project, can safely dry under the porch roof.

With three work areas, multiple projects are able to run at the same time, allowing campers of all ages to take part in the fun instead of being restricted to small groups one at a time.

Inside each enlosed building, large tables and bright windows make every project exciting and available for many campers to work on at the same time.

Ropes Course

Only two years old, our ropes course is a huge hit with both staff and campers. Situated just behind Rainshadow Field, the course sports both low ropes elements and high ropes elements and includes a zip line that starts in a tree beside Cabin 6 and finishes beside the Upper Tennis Courts.

Young and old campers, boys and girls alike all find something to help them learn more about themselves and their abilities on the ropes course.

We-Own-It Cottage

Cabin We-Own-It along the shore tucked beside Cabin 15 has become a modern cabin thanks to the generous donations of our alumni and supporters. The pictures here attest to the cozy feel of the cottage along with a full kitchen, bath, king size bed, and beautiful working fireplace.