“Dear John” Capital Campaign

$170,000 Already Raised

Dear camp family,

This past summer, we celebrated Billings’ 110th year of operation.  As we look forward to the next century of camp’s growth and evolution, we have been asking ourselves, “What is the core purpose of camp?”  While there are many meaningful answers to this question, we offer two foundational ones.  

First, we hope to continue to offer a place where our campers can truly be kids and where they can focus purely on joy and fun.  Programmatic highlights from this summer included a stellar production of Elf featuring over 30 campers, Halloween held at the Post Mills Airport, and an epic Country Fair that involved pools of Cheerios on the Clocktower Lawn.  Through these and other programs, we hope to continue to provide our campers a wide range of experiences filled with joy and fun. 

Second, we hope to continue to play an essential role in preparing our campers to navigate the world that exists beyond the white picket fences of Billings.  Whether negotiating conversations with a fellow cabin mate about selecting the top bunk or working with the whole cabin to determine how to most efficiently and effectively clean the showers and johns, Billings campers cultivate their ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve while gaining an understanding of individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds.  These are essential skills that they will need to become adults who not only are able to progress through this ever evolving world but who are also able to contribute to it in constructive ways.

Speaking of the showers and johns, we launched the “Dear John” capital campaign in the Fall of 2014 to fund the renovation of the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms & showers and, therefore, to keep the camp experience as affordable as possible to as wide a range of families as possible.  Our goal has been to raise $200,000 by December 31st of this year, and to date, we have raised $170,000.  So, we still need to raise $30,000.  We thank those of you who have already contributed to this effort, and we hope that even more of you will choose to do so as we close out this capital campaign. 

While we encourage many of you to help us fulfill our capital campaign goal, we also want to emphasize that each and every donation counts regardless of its dollar amount.  In fact, especially for those of you who have never donated before, we ask that you consider a modest, initial donation of $20 which will allow us to purchase a range of camp supplies whether it be a soccer ball, a set of song books, or materials to make tie dye t-shirts. 

Please consider making a financial contribution to camp by making an online donation through link below.

On behalf of our current and future campers, families, and staff, thank you for your continued commitment to camp.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


If you have any questions about this capital campaign, please feel free to contact camp alumnus, board member and fundraising committee chair, Yutaka Tamura, at 617-877-5091 or at [email protected].