Counselor in Training: Job Description

1st Year CITs

The primary focus of your training in the 1st year as a Counselor in Training is to learn the skills necessary for being a successful staff member in regards to:

  • Camper Oversight
  • Cabin Management
  • Dealing with common camp issues, such as homesickness and bullying
  • Meal supervision
  • Evening program leadership
  • Appropriate peer interaction 
  • Learning staff protocols 
Specific expectations and responsibilities for 1st year CITs/all CITs:
  • Escorting campers to every colors/meal on time
  • Meal supervision and escorting campers to bathrooms, infirmary
    • Campers are ALWAYS escorted to the infirmary with the exception of bandaids, cough drops, or nightly meds (in the case of Juniors) 
  • Camp duty supervision and engagement 
  • Program assistance for morning program under supervision of program staff: 40 minutes x3 each morning, 2 hours each afternoon, potentially including free swim lifeguarding. 
    • Program assignments at the discretion of the CIT Director, with CIT requests adhered to where possible.  
  • Cabin time supervision and engagement 
  • Cabin cleanup supervision and engagement 
  • Daily Evening Program participation 
  • Evening supervision and camper engagement prior to taps 
  • Participation in after taps Row Supervision (Row Duty) per the schedule developed by Row heads. 
  • Completing changeover tasks at direction of CIT director 
  • Additional responsibilities as needed:
    • Tending to individual camper needs regarding: homesickness, bullying, conflicts, etc… 
    • At Directors’ or CIT director’s request
    • Dishroom is available upon signing up at $50/week – managed by CIT Director


2nd Year CITs

In addition to having mastered the role of being a 1st year CIT and all items listed above, the primary focus of your training in the 2nd year of being a CIT is to learn the skills necessary for being a successful staff member in regards to:

  • Program planning and operation
  • Program specialization
  • 1st year Mentorship 
  • Evening program operation 
Specific expectations and additional responsibilities for 2nd years:
  • Same as all listed for 1st years
  • Additional help and specialization in planning and operating program
    • Maintenance, Sign-in, Supervisor, and Kitchen are reserved for the 1st year program unless discussed with the CIT Director first. 
  • Additional help in operating/planning evening programs
  • Assistance in writing cabin letters with Senior counselors (only assisting, never writing) 
  • Assistance in planning cabin trips 
  • Assistance in planning program trips
  • In conjunction with CIT Director, running training sessions for 1st year CITs 
Rules/Regulations specific to CITs:
  • Every staff member receives an hour off between the hours of 2PM and 5PM, dependent on afternoon program assignment  
  • No cars allowed
  • Aside from camp-sponsored trips, CITs are not allowed to leave the premises in a vehicle without the express permission of their guardians to leave with that driver.
  • Curfew set by CIT director; typically 2nd years will have an additional 30 minutes more than 1st years
  • Absolutely no illegal/underage drug use; including, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, or vaping of any kind. 
  • No use of cell phones/technology outside of hours off, after taps.
    • This includes during program, walking around camp, before/during/after meals, or any time in which you are meant to be camper focused. Campers should not see you on your phones and campers should have zero access to your technology. 
  • The 1st year CIT position is a volunteer one. CITs may sign up for some paid jobs, particularly dishroom, but only where available.
  • 1st years are able to receive community service hours for their role this summer. When you leave this summer, you will be given a letter confirming your community service hours for your time at camp.
  • 2nd year CITs will be paid $500/month. 
  • 2nd years have the same access to additional opportunities to earn cash, though preference will be given to 1st years.